Thursday, January 27, 2011

What is new in ISCA (CA Final) revised Study Material - 2011 edition?

Dear Friends,

Good News: The revised study material of all the subjects are available in all the regional councils and branches of ICAI across length and breadth of the country. (In Chennai DCO, the revised versions have come in tons in multiple trucks). Please visit or request your friends to collect the same.
Great News: The revised study material of ISCA is enriched with many contents. Especially:

Chapter 4: Testing: 21 pages are added new

Chapter 8: Standards: COBIT version 4.1 is included instead of old version.

(I have reserved comments on including HIPAA in our syllabus...please put your comments also in this blog).

Herewith I have attached Chapter 4: Testing - General and Automated Controls - Revised Study Material of ICAI - ISCA in PDF format. (It is write protected for Integrity).

Further, herewith I have attached Chapter 8: Information System Auditing Standards, Guidelines and Best Practices (It is write protected for Integrity)

Happy Learning....

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Anonymous said...

thank u sir..... downloading from icai website was taking quite a long time.... the link you gave was quite helpful.