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ISCA - Practice Manual - Latest - January 2011 Edition - CA Final - Group II - Paper 6 : {Courtesy: ICAI}


ICAI has come up latest with Practice Manual. This is a booklet published by ICAI containing the synopsis of the Chapters and the Answers for Self Examination Questions and Past Exam Questions. This is prepared by Board of Studies of ICAI. This is a copyrighted material. Kindly use it for academic purposes only. The link below gives the PDF file (Jan 2011 edition) for each chapter.

Chapter 1: Information System Concepts

Chapter 2 : System Development LIfe Cycle Methodology

Chapter 3 : Control Objectives

Chapter 4 : Testing - General and Automated Controls

Chapter 5 : Risk Assessment Methodologies and Applications

Chapter 6 : Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning

Chapter 7 : An Overview of Enterprise Resource Planning

Chapter 8 : Information Systems Auditing Standards, Guidelines and Best Practices

Chapter 9 : Drafting of IS Security Policy, Audit Policy, IS Audit Reporting - A Practical Perspective

Chapter 10 : Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008

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