Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ITSM - Information Technology - Chapter 2 - Data Storage, Retrieval and Data Base Management Systems


Q.No: Question Marks Exam

1(a)(iii) Data Centre 1 mark M 07

1(b)(iv) Data Dictionary 1 mark M 07

2(a) Describe DDL and DML 5 mark M 07

3(b) What are the management problems of file processing system? 6 mark M 07

1(b)(v) Data transformation. 1 mark N 07

2(a) Describe salient features of Hierarchical Database structure 5 mark N 07

1(a)(iv) Structured Query Language 1 mark M 08

1(b)(v) Transaction log 1 mark M 08

2(a)) Describe various factors which must be considered in determining the best file organisation for a particular application. 5 mark M 08

5(i) Data warehouse 5 mark M08

1(a)(i) DDL 1 mark N 08

1(b)(ii) Data Warehouse 1 mark N 08

3(b) Explain the management problems that exist in File Processing system 5 mark N 08

1(a)(ii) Folder 1 mark J 09

1(b)(i) Real Time Data Warehouse 1 mark J 09

3(b) What are the various views taken into account, while designing the architecture of a Database? Which view is user dependent and which one is user independent? Which view is storage device oriented? 6 mark J 09

1(a)(v) Data Dictionary 1 mark N 09

1(b)(ii) Transaction Log 1 mark N 09

3(a) Describe the various factors being considered in determining the best file organisation for an application 5 mark N 09

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