Friday, August 22, 2008

CA Final - MICS - NOV 2008 - Model Paper 2

Question No. 1 is Compulsory
Answer any four questions from the rest

(a) How to control against viruses and other destructive programs? (6)
(b) What is Total Cost of Ownership? (4)
(c) What is the purpose of system evaluation? How is it performed? (4)
(d) What are the limitations of Management Information System? (6)

(a) Briefly describe disk imaging and analysis technique? (7)
(b) Explain the following definitions with respect to Information technology Act, 2000? (10)
· Asymmetric Crypto System
· Digital Signature
· Electronic Record
· Key Pair
· Secure System
(c) What is the objective of a transaction log? (3)

(a) Distinguish between logical design and physical design? (8)
(b) What is system component matrix? (4)
(c) Distinguish between Top Down and Bottom up Approach of system development? (8)

(a) Define the term system stress and system change? (4)
(b) What are the effects of using computers for MIS? (8)
(c) How systems approach can be used to solve problems? (8)

(a) What are the four basic components of a DSS? Explain them? (8)
(b) What are the characteristic of a client-server technology? (10)
(c) Give two reasons why accountants should be involved in system development work? (2)

(a) What are the guidelines to make form design easy to fill? (5)
(b) Draw the system flowchart of a typical accounting information system? (5)
(c) What are the features of an ERP? (5)
(d) Distinguish discretionary access control policy and mandatory access control policy? (5)

Write short notes on:
(a) Data Encryption
(b) Program Version Number
(c) Disaster Recovery Plan
(d) Transcription errors
(e) Control Laptop Computers (4 X 5 = 20)

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